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IAASB Public Report
| Annual Reports and Plans

The IAASB’s public report summarizing the board’s achievements from January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019, has been released. This period, chaired by Professor Arnold Schilder, was one of great productivity for the board.

In line with the 2015-2019 strategy, the IAASB’s activities have focused on enhancing audit quality and addressing engagements other than audits of financial statements. The IAASB has also increasingly focused on what more can be done to better understand and address the challenges some users face in applying the International Standards on Auditing in audits of less complex entities.

In addition, the IAASB has remained true to our commitment to a rigorous program of international outreach (IAASB members and staff engaging with stakeholders by way of personal visits and meetings, participation in conferences, discussion groups and forums, as well as webinars and other methods of communication to inform and engage on technical topics).


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