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Putting the Public Interest at the Heart of Our Work: Acting with Urgency, Purpose and Responsiveness

IAASB Public Report, July 2019-December 2020
| Annual Reports and Plans

The IAASB Public Report details progress to support the public interest between July 2019 and December 2020. During this 18-month period, the IAASB completed five major standards aimed at enhancing audit and assurance quality, adopted a four-year strategy focused on the public interest, and established a new work plan focused on emerging issues. During this period, the IAASB responded to a new environment sparked by the global pandemic by issuing guidance and engaging with a broad range of stakeholders in order to sustain trust in audit and assurance.

Our 2019-2020 Public Report showcases efforts to be a responsive, agile and innovative standard setter, closely connected with its stakeholders. The report highlights completed and in progress standard-setting projects, other new initiatives to respond to stakeholder needs, and our efforts to improve the agility of the standard-setting process. The report also includes reflections from IAASB Chair Tom Seidenstein on his first 18 months in this role.

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