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Now Available: Key Takeaways from IAASB’s Roundtable Series on Fraud and Going Concern

Nov 17, 2020 | New York, New York | English

Today the IAASB released a key takeaways publication following three recent virtual roundtables with experts and leaders exploring issues and challenges related to fraud and going concern. These roundtables focused on:

  1. The impact of technology advancements on fraud perpetration and detection;
  2. The “expectation gap”, or differences between public perceptions and the auditor’s responsibilities for fraud and going concern; and
  3. Fraud and going concern in audits of less complex entities.

Today’s publication details the roundtables and what we heard. The input from these roundtables comprise one aspect of the IAASB’s broader information-gathering activities related to fraud and going concern that will be considered in determining possible future actions.

The full roundtable recordings, including individual breakout sessions, are available on the IAASB’s YouTube channel:

If you would like to know more about the IAASB’s work on fraud and going concern, please visit the project pages on fraud and going concern for further information. The IAASB also encourages all interested stakeholders to respond to the IAASB’s related Discussion Paper, Fraud and Going Concern in an Audit of Financial Statements: Exploring the Differences Between Public Perceptions About the Role of the Auditor and the Auditor’s Responsibilities in a Financial Statement Audit, which is currently open for consultation until February 1, 2021.