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James R. Dalkin Reappointed Chair of Advisory Group to Global Audit and Assurance Standards Board

Oct 2, 2020 | New York, New York | English

James R. Dalkin has been re-appointed as the chair of the Consultative Advisory Group (CAG) to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), effective October 1, 2020. His appointment, approved by the Public Interest Oversight Board, follows his election by IAASB CAG members at its September 2020 meeting.

The CAG is an independent body comprising regulators, preparers, international investor and user groups, and other stakeholders with an interest in international auditing and assurance. Mr. Dalkin will continue to play a key role ensuring the CAG’s views are included in the IAASB’s deliberations. In addition, Mr. Dalkin’s past leadership and experience will be increasingly valuable as the role of the IAASB CAG may change pending possible changes to the IAASB’s governance structure following the Monitoring Group’s recommendations published in July 2020.

“It is an honor to be re-elected by my colleagues to lead the IAASB CAG,” said Mr. Dalkin. “Recognizing the ongoing review of the IAASB’s governance and operating arrangements, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities in continuing to serve the public interest in this capacity.”

“Under Jim’s leadership, the CAG worked effectively and provided valuable input to the IAASB’s standard-setting activities,” said Tom Seidenstein, IAASB Chair. “I look forward to continuing our constructive working relationship as we execute our strategy and strive to serve the public interest.”

About Mr. Dalkin
Mr. Dalkin is a Director in the Financial Management and Assurance Team with the US Government Accountability Office (GAO). He is also an observer to the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission Advisory Board (COSO) and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. He has previously served as a board member of the American Institute of CPAs’ Auditing Standards Board.

At the GAO, Mr. Dalkin directs work to develop and maintain government auditing standards (the Yellow Book); internal control standards for the US federal government (the Green Book); and the GAO’s work with the accounting and auditing profession. He is also responsible for the audits of the US Securities Exchange Commission and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

About the IAASB and the IAASB CAG
The IAASB is an independent standard-setting body that serves the public interest by setting high-quality international standards for auditing, quality control, review, other assurance, and related services, and by facilitating the convergence of international and national standards. In doing so, the IAASB enhances the quality and uniformity of practice throughout the world and strengthens public confidence in the global auditing and assurance profession.

The IAASB follows a rigorous due process in developing its pronouncements. Input is obtained from a wide range of stakeholders including the IAASB's CAG. Representatives of the CAG member organizations provide advice on numerous areas, including:

  • The IAASB’s agenda and project timetable (work program), including project priorities;
  • Technical projects; and
  • Other matters of relevance to the IAASB’s activities.