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IAASB Data Analytics Project Advisory Panel Members Announced

Jun 6, 2017 | English

e International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) Data Analytics Working Group is pleased to announce the members of the recently-established Data Analytics Project Advisory Panel.

This Advisory Panel was established to inform the IAASB’s work on data analytics by:

  • advising the Working Group (and other IAASB task forces/working groups as necessary) on the developments in data analytics’ use in audit, thereby further informing the IAASB’s thinking and approach to its standard-setting activities;
  • serving as a technical resource to the IAASB and Working Group and providing an external perspective on the use of data analytics in a financial statement audit;
  • acting as a sounding board for the Working Group in Request for Input feedback considerations and when exploring the potential way forward, including implications and timing; and
  • providing input to any guidance or materials the IAASB may develop.

In connection with the establishment of the Working Group and its technology focus, the IAASB released a Request for Input, Exploring the Growing Use of Technology in the Audit, with a Focus on Data Analytics, in September 2016. It provides insights into data analytics’ opportunities and challenges and outlines the Working Group’s insights to date.

Additional information and project updates are available on the IAASB’s project page.




Cornell Dover

Office of Auditor General of British Columbia

North America

Tim Gallagher

Office of Auditor General – Alberta

North America

Tomoaki Geka

Japanese Institute of CPAs

Asia Pacific

Kam Grewal

Ernst & Young


Joshua Imoniana

University of Brazil (São Paulo)

South America

Kevin Kolliniatis



Tom Koning

Cygnus Atratus


Mark Mayberry



Jennifer McCann

FocusROI Inc.

North America

Todd Rognes

Kingland Systems Corporation

North America

Mohini Singh

CFA Institute


Chris Thatcher



Kirsten Turner



Miklos Vasarhelyi

Rutgers University

North America

Julia Walsh

Financial Reporting Council

United Kingdom

Michael Werner

Auckland University of Technology

Asia Pacific

Bradley Ames

Hewlett Packard

North America

Heather Dixon


North America