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Technology Consultation Group


To provide input and support to other task forces or working groups, or to Staff, as needed, in terms of the effect of technology on other projects or activities.  

As part of these activities, this group may provide technology focused input on proposed updates to standards, or newly drafted standards or other publications (e.g., project proposals, non-authoritative guidance, implementation material) that are being developed by staff, task forces or working groups.  

In certain instances, the Technology Consultation Group may have a specific mandate to develop certain non-authoritative support materials in accordance with a particular need that was identified. Such activities will be limited and targeted and will proceed as contemplated in Component IV.B of the IAASB Framework for Activities (i.e., decision by the Program and Technical Director with concurrence by the IAASB Chair or Deputy Chair (and may include coordination with the Planning Committee or the Board, at the discretion of the IAASB Chair)). 

More information about technology more broadly, including activities in relation to disruptive technologies is available at on the IAASB's Technology Focus Area Page and and the "Latest On Our Projects".

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