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Our staff are highly skilled professionals who support all the IAASB’s activities. Under the IAASB’s leadership, we drive projects, research the issues, facilitate deliberation and balancing views, and find solutions—all to deliver the IAASB’s strategy and work program while serving the public interest. We engage directly with the IAASB and senior leaders of the accountancy profession, the global regulatory and standards-setting communities, government, investor, preparer, governance and other international stakeholder groups.

Our staff come from all backgrounds—we were regulators and practitioners, from big and small firms, academics and national standard setters, and from the private and public sectors. Our team possesses an array of experience and skills with many types of audit, assurance, and related services engagements. Our team includes both permanent staff as well as staff fellows, who are seconded to the IAASB for a set period.

The IAASB’s staff act with integrity, innovate, are transparent, and collaborate with each other and with our stakeholders.

Interested in learning more about joining our team? Learn more about how you can advance your career through an international standard-setting role and see the listing of our open positions, in the Careers section of our website.

—Willie Botha, Program and Technical Director

Staff Fellow Program

Through the International Foundation for Ethics and Audit, the IAASB participates in a Staff Fellow Program where professionals from around the world are seconded to the IAASB fellows are seconded to the IAASB staff from various organizations. Staff Fellows They are senior members of our team, working alongside IAASB staff, members, and technical advisors from across the global profession.

Staff Fellows hold a variety of responsibilities, Fellows may participate in several activities, such as research and information gathering, outreach with our many global stakeholder groups, IAASB and task force meetings, and developing non-authoritative guidance.

Learn more about the IFEA Staff Fellow Program. 


Meet Our 2022-2023 Staff Fellow

Danielle Davies was an IAASB fellow in 2022-2023, seconded from EY in the UK. During her time with us, Danielle focused on supporting our disruptive technology initiative as well as providing advice and input on other technology-related matters.

Can you describe your role on the IAASB team?

My role was to provide strategic support on the IAASB’s technology initiative. This is quite a wide-ranging role covering everything from helping to draft technology-related content for standards revision projects to running disruptive technology thought experiments.

Which project was your favorite to work on?

I particularly enjoyed connecting with different people across the audit and assurance ecosystem to talk about technology, learn about emerging technologies, and think about what they might mean for standard setting. It’s also great to share this knowledge through mechanisms like the Market Scan publications.

How has this staff fellowship helped you as a professional?

My technology knowledge has increased over the course of my secondment and looking at the technologies from a different perspective—that of a standard setter rather than a practitioner—has provided me with insights that I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. I’ve also grown my technical knowledge of audit and assurance standards through working with the project task forces and attending the IAASB meetings.

What knowledge are you taking back with you?

Lots! Getting a deeper insight into the standard-setting process wasn’t something I thought I would find interesting, but it has been fascinating. I have a new-found appreciation for the challenges that the IAASB has as a global standard setter. I have gained a lot of knowledge about emerging technologies, technology adoption across the audit and assurance profession and have had the opportunity to broaden my networks which will be useful in my future roles.

What was your favorite part about working with the IAASB?

They’re a great team—welcoming and supportive. I am based in the UK so not physically located with the rest of the team but have stayed connected virtually along with some visits to New York. I’ve hugely appreciated how positively the work I have been doing has been received and how grateful they have been for my input into their current and future projects. It’s great to feel appreciated!

Do you have advice for someone seeking a secondment with the IAASB?

Go for it! I think having the opportunity to get involved in such important and valuable work is not something to be passed up.

What’s next in your career?

I’m back to EY into a mixed UK and global role—working on projects that I am most interested in and where I think I can add the most value. Before I do that though I’m taking some time out over the summer to take care of a new puppy which I’m super excited about!