IAASB CAG Meeting – March 9-10, 2015 (New York, US)

March 9 - 10, 2015


Agenda Papers

Agenda Item A - Minutes

2015-03-09-Agenda Item A-Draft-IAASB CAG Sept 2014 Public Sesssion-Meeting Minutes-Marked from CAG (219K) 20150309-Agenda Item A.1-IAASB CAG Nov 2014 Marked Public Sesssion-Teleconference Minutes-final (63K)

Agenda Item B - Group Audits – ISA 600

20150309-IAASB CAG-Agenda Item B-Group Audits Discussion Final (224K)

Agenda Item C - Quality Control

20150309-IAASB CAG-Agenda Item C Quality Control-final (62K) 20150309-IAASB CAG-Agenda Item-C-1-Quality Control Table of Issues-final (62K)

Agenda Item D - Auditor Reporting

20150309-IAASB CAG Agenda Item D-Auditor Reporting-Cover-final (54K) 20150309-IAASB CAG Agenda Item D.1-Auditor Reporting-Reportback-final (149K) 20150309-IAASB CAG-Agenda Item D.3 Auditor Reporting ISA 810 Review-final (61K) Supplement to Agenda Item D Auditor Reporting FactSheet-final (345K) Supplement to Agenda Item D Auditor-Reporting-Key Audit Matters-final (607K) Supplement to Agenda Item D Auditor-Reporting-on-Going-Concern final (402K)

Agenda Item E - Innovation Working Group (WG)

20150309-Agenda Item E-Innovation WG Report Back Issues-final (64K) 20150309-IAASB-CAG-Meeting-Agenda Item E.1-Integrated Reporting-CoverNote-Clean final (56K) 20190309-IAASB-CAG-Agenda Item E.2 IR Awareness Paper-final (286K)

Agenda Item H - Disclosures

20150309-IAASB CAG Agenda Item H-Disclosures final (215K) 20150309-IAASB CAG Agenda Item H.1-Disclosures Proposed Changes to ISAs Final (348K)

Agenda Item I - Efficiencies

20150309-Agenda Item I-Efficiencies-Report Back and Issues-final (68K) 20150309-IAASB-CAG-Agenda Item I.1 Accelerated-Response-final (12K) 20150309-IAASB-CAG-Agenda Item I.2 Process-for-Developing-IPNs-final (19K)

Agenda Item J - Financial Accounting Standards Board

20150309-IAASB CAG-Agenda Item J-Open Session FASB-final (125K)

Agenda Item K - IAASB Strategy and Work Plan

20150309-Agenda Item K.1-IAASB Future Strategy and Work Program-Report Back-final (106K) 20150309-IAASB-CAG-Agenda Item K.2- ISA 720 Report Back-final (69K)

Agenda Item L - Open Session – update from the Public Interest Oversight Board (PIOB)

20150309-IAASB CAG-Agenda Item L Open Session PIOB Presentation-Final PI Workshop Conclusions-final (181K)



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